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Hi and welcome to my site.

I hope you find it interesting and stimulating. The intent is based on the Polynesian koha, offering. I offer to you my thought developed over many, many years as I sought answers to various questions I saw as central. If this site plays some small part in the further development of your thought and philosophy then it has achieved all its aims.

I believe in the power of what we think. And as the site develops you will see the extent to which I believe in the power of thought in forging our own sense of self and our existence and in shaping the existence of humankind itself.

The issues and questions are intellectual in many respects, yet central to my efforts is the question of faith and hope, and of our spirit. My answers to these questions is not religious in the normal sense, yet has all the elements of such for me.

Central to my philosophy is the creed 'may passion ever move me but reason be my guide'. Therefore any faith or framework of thought to act as such for me, had to be rational, not simply scientific in the typical sense but able to be discussed and reasoned in a logical manner with any main tenets being subject to the type of verification typical of science.

The history of humankind over the last few hundred years has been dominated by the tension between faith and reason. The command 'believe' being met with the riposte 'prove it'. For me faith without reason is blind, while reason without soul, ghoulish. Today reason and faith sit in uneasy truce. Much of what is here is a personal attempt at reconciliation. But I hope that you see the route whereby I sought the reconciliation being unusual in that I first sought answers to what are strictly intellectual questions, for I strongly believed that in the answers to the technical detail lie answers to questions of spirit.

Explore. Reflect. Enjoy.

If you wish to make comment or to connect with me, then do so at grl@xtra.co.nz


If you wish to use any of the ideas or reproduce any of the words, please ensure you give proper credit to the source and author.


Graham Little
April 1999.

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